March 2014 Issue


Attention Synthetic Chemist: Verify before you purify!


The CombiFlash Rf+ PurIon takes the guesswork out of your purification routine with mass directed purification. Identify your peak of interest at the time of elution with the advantage of targeted fraction collection. Simply instruct the Flash system to collect only those peaks matching the mass of your target compound, eliminating the need for further analysis and saving time in post-purification processing.

As with all other CombiFlash models, Teledyne Isco’s intuitive PeakTrak® software lets you access all the commands you need from a single touchscreen. Key features include:

  • Real-time method editing and control
  • Touch-and-drag gradients
  • Real time and post run mass spectral data display

Verify Before You Purify

The method development screen facilitates
confirmation of the detectable ions of your product, and helps you identify and set appropriate detection parameters prior to the purification process.

Standard Features

  • Real-time method editing and control
  • Touch-and-drag gradients
  • Real-time and post-run MS and UV spectral display
  • Flow rates to 200 mL/min at pressures up to 200 psi (13.8 bar)
  • Compatible with column sizes from 4 to 330 grams
  • Mass range from 50 to 1200 Dalton with 1 Dalton resolution
  • Use with your choice of ELSD, UV, or UV- Vis detectors


  • Organic synthesis purification
  • Agricultural chemicals
  • Medicinal chemistry
  • Peptides and polymers

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Therapeutic Drug Monitoring – Anti-HIV Drugs in serum / plasma by Chromsystems


Four different types of drugs can be used to treat an HIV infection : nucleoside (NRTIs) and non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhabitors (NNRTIs), protease inhabitors (PIs) and fusion inhabitors (FIs). In contrast to the NRTIs, the NNRTIs and PIs exhibit a strong dose-effect relationship.With regard to the strong side effects and high risk of developing virus resistance to these drugs, a very precise adjustment and strict control of the drug levels is essential for patients.

This Chromsystems reagents kit is designed for the fast and easy analysis of all currently prescribed protease inhabitors (Amprenavir, Atazanavir, Indinavir, Lopinavir, Nelfinavir with M8 metabolite, Ritonavir, Saquinavir and Tipranavir) as well as the non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhabitors Nevirapine and Efavirenz.

The method employs a selective solid phase extraction step which removes potentially interfering co-medications. An optimised chromatographic separation on an isocratic HPLC system with UV detection allows an analytical run time of less than 30 min.

The inclusion of tailormaid internal standard in the method assures high precision and safety in qualifying the analytes. Automated sample preparation is possible with the Gilson® ASPEC™, reducing possible contact with HIV infected specimens.

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MasterPure™ Complete DNA and RNA Purification Kit


The MasterPure™ Complete Kit purifies high yields of intact total nucleic acid, DNA, or RNA. MasterPure is suitable for every type of biological material. MasterPure is available for virtually any type of sample. It may be used to purify total nucleic acid, DNA or RNA from any sample. Total nucleic acid purification permits you to compare DNA and RNA from the same sample to gain a deeper understanding of your sample.

  • Extract and purify total nucleic acids (TNA), DNA or RNA
  • Pure for sequencing, qPCR and other molecular biology applications
  • Scalable reactions
  • High purity and yield
  • Non-Toxic

MasterPure has been shown to work for many types of human tissue and blood samples, plants, and bacteria. It is safe and nontoxic, there are no dangerous chemicals, phenol or hazards are used in the method. MasterPure is a wise choice for safety and high yields of RNA, DNA, or total nucleic acids. Stop stocking three different kits for small, moderate and abundant samples as MasterPure is designed to be used with small, moderate and abundant samples without the need for many kits. One MasterPure kit permits you to purify RNA, DNA or total nucleic acid from any amount of sample.

•Purification of TNA, DNA, or RNA for many applications, including PCR, RT-PCR, cloning, sequencing, Northern and Southern blotting, restriction analysis, and genomic library preparation.

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Daicel Immobilized Chiral Columns


Daicel provides pharmaceutical and related industries with enantiomeric separation products and services. Daicel® chiral columns are meant for High Performance.

A Daicel chiral HPLC column has two remarkable performance characteristics that separate it from all others: wide selectivity and a truly dynamic loading capacity.

The combination of the two provides you with a powerful tool that is unique in the industry.

  • Excellent resolution of racemates– Daicel chiral columns represent the most effective means of analyzing chiral compounds and obtaining pure enantiomers, i.e., to levels of >99% enantiomeric excess.
  • Fast, easy method development– Samples
    often require no prior derivatization, and Daicel chiral columns can be
    used directly on standard HPLC or Supercritical Fluid Chromatography
  • Columns are durable and long lasting- Daicel chiral columns exhibit a dynamic loading capacity and have been in continual use by a large number of laboratories.
  • Smooth transition from laboratory to development, pilot plant and production-Daicel
    chiral columns offer the ability to scale up in a linear fashion,
    minimizing changes in methodology and operating conditions.

Recent product developments consist of immobilized CSP, CHIRALPAK® IA, IB, IC, ID, IE and IF. These allow use of a wider range of chromatographic solvents.

These immobilized CSPs allow the use of a highly extended range of solvents.

Immobilized columns are designed for solvent flexibility for the resolution of compounds with limited solubility, outstanding solvent tolerance and excellent separations of enantiomers.

  • High efficiency separation
  • Comatible with organic solvents which give higher sample solubility as mobile phase
  • More possibility for successful baseline separation
  • More simple work for sample separation

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Vydac 150HC Peptide Media for Peptide Therapeutics